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Our website is a platform for finding and booking pilot cars (otherwise known as escort vehicles) for heavy oversized truckloads. 365Pilots helps the trucking & Pilot car broker to find and book a pilot car to escort the truckload safely to its destination. It also helps the pilot companies and brokers to showcase their services and find customers.

Pilot cars are usually pickup trucks, cars , minivans & SUVs that drive in front of or behind a heavy-load vehicle hauling a wide or overweight load. These so-called pilot cars or escort vehicles are driven by trained professionals who specialize in this type of driving and are usually contracted to escort the load through a certain state or states.

A pilot or escort car driver works with the heavy haul driver of an oversized truckload and ensures that everything is safe for the oversized vehicle, its driver, the load and everyone else on the road. Usually, the pilot driver travels in front of or behind the truck in the pilot vehicle and warns the public and the truck driver of anything that might pose a threat, an obstacle or become a danger in the road ahead. The pilot driver and truck driver keep in constant communication via a CB radio.

 If you are a pilot company or a pilot broker you need to sign up and upload all necessary documents such as insurance, driver licences, certificates, etc. Once you register and pay a subscription you can add as many managers and drivers as you want, as well as details about your services and prices. If you are a trucking company you can sign up for FREE, without paying a subscription. After that you’ll need to upload your documents and add as many drivers and managers as needed.

You can complete your booking end-to-end without needing to call anyone, just use our website. There are 2 ways you can book a pilot car: Option 1: Find a Pilot Car – our pilot car companies and brokers have all prices and services posted on the 365Pilots platform so all you have to do is sign up, login and search for a available pilot car in the area you need pilot services and also by service, date, pick-up and drop-off location. Once you’ve found the pilot service you like, you’ll see the estimated cost and you can confirm the booking by paying with a credit card. After receiving the service, you’ll get a final invoice in which the estimated cost will be deducted from the final invoice cost and the remaining balance will be either refunded to you if the estimate was higher or you’ll have to pay the outstanding amount if the estimate was lower. It’s just as easy and hassle-free. Option 2: Post a load : As a customer (trucking/Pilot broker company) you can post a load request by providing a pick-up and drop-off location, date and service required. You can also indicate how much you’re prepared to pay for the service. Once you post your load, pilot companies (vendors) will send you quotations and you can select the vendor that suits your requirements best and pay them by credit card. After receiving the service, you’ll get a final invoice in which the estimated cost will be deducted from the final invoice cost and the remaining balance will be either refunded to you if the estimate was higher or you’ll have to pay the outstanding amount if the estimate was lower.

Our platform will be charging a quotation amount upfront if the pilot car is booked via posted load and/or Find pilot car page. A quotation charge is not a final invoice. It’s a rough estimate of the services which are charged up front. The quotation amount will be deducted from the final invoice and the customer will only pay the remaining balance or get a refund depending on whether the quoted amount was higher or lower than the actual.

As soon as the pilot driver marks the load as complete, the owner/manager will get a notification from the system and they can submit the invoice with the trip sheet. They can mark the load as complete too and submit the invoice with a trip sheet to the customer.

No, all payments need to be made via the 365pilots platform.

It’s up to you, we cannot stop the truck driver from tipping, but we don’t recommend it as we will not be able to include cash tips in the final invoice amount. If the truck driver wants to put the tip on expenses, 365pilots cannot be responsible for it.

Depending on your bank or credit card company a refund may take 7-10 business days to complete.

These are very small fees that cover credit card payment fees and administrative charges to

All pilot companies pay a yearly fee of $249.00. The fee is at the discretion of 365pilots and

You can find pilot companies on our platforms that provide all types of services. They have the equipment and certification that meets regulations in all states allowing them to provide oversize load escort services with high pole, Lead , Chase , Steer , Route Survey , as well as Double Schnabel or blade trailer steering services

No, we don’t have our own fleet, we work with pilot companies and brokers who register on our site and provide their own vehicles.

If the trucking or pilot broker company cancels the reservation 24 hours or more prior to pick-up time, no charges will be due. If the cancellation is within 24 hours prior to pick-up time, a minimum fee of $150 is due (unless otherwise agreed) plus processing fees for canceling the load. For more information please visit our Terms of Use.


Both the pilot broker and the trucking company will receive the booking details confirmation via email and will also be able to access them via the IOS/Android app.


Yes, all pilot companies can set up individual rates for their services only for the Find Pilot Car Page.

A pilot car manager has full role permission to mark pilot cars as available, accept or decline a load. A manager can also assign, add, delete, activate, deactivate, or suspend a pilot or truck driver as well as accept, pay or dispute an invoice. They can also reply to a complaint or raise one, and also add another manager to the account.


A driver is a user of the website with limited access. Drivers can make themselves available to be booked, give reviews to a truck driver or another pilot driver. Drivers can also change and update their vehicle information and make updates to their documents.


If you are registered as a driver, you can make yourself available after you log in the app or website, click on ‘available’, indicate the city, state, area date and time for your availability.


If you are an ‘Owner/Manager’ you can go to the user page and add drivers or other managers. If you want to delete an existing user from the app, tap and hold and the delete option will be visible.


It’s simple, just click the ‘Edit’ option on the user you want to activate or suspend, select active, suspended or inactive and save your selection.


Yes, our app is available in both Android and iOS but it’s limited for use by the pilot company, pilot driver, manager or truck driver.


To change or upload documents, you need to click on More >> Company info >> Documents where you can upload, change or delete any document.

Currently you can only cancel or delete your account by calling us toll free on # 866-795-0150.

Yes, sure, to refer a trucking company or a friend you don’t even need to sign in. Just go to the home page, scroll down and find the ‘Invite a friend or a trucking company’ section, where you can enter the email address. We will then send them an email with a registration link.

Users associated with both trucking companies and pilot companies can post reviews about each other on the platform. Pilot Companies/Brokers

There are no limits but we recommend that you make yourself available in a radius of 150 sq miles of where you are based so you or the pilot driver or can make it to the truck maximum of 3 hours.


No, there’s a single subscription fees for each company, you don’t pay extra for the cars.


Yes, the pilot company can post a load if it’s marked as a ‘broker’, if not then this option is not available.

Trip sheets are important so the pilot car company gets paid. They show that your pilot driver has provided the service for the load of the trucking company that hired you, confirmed by the signatures of both the truck driver and the pilot driver. It will cover your company in any dispute process.


All you need to do is send a note to the trucking company to upload their permits for review. Customers/Trucking Companies


Yes, you can book as many pilot cars as you need. However you can only book them one at a time, repeating the same process for each car.


Yes, just go to the ‘Confirmed load’ page where you will see that you have an option on the upper right corner to change the driver.


Yes, you can post your own load with your rates.

Yes, you have total freedom to do that.
No, you can’t change the pick-up date after the load has been confirmed. If the load has not been confirmed yet, you can cancel the load and repost it.
No, you can only post a load with one service. For a second or any consecutive service you need to post a load again, including the different services with respective rates.
No, this price has been set by the pilot company. If you want to negotiate, then post a load and use the option there.
No, you can add as many drivers and managers as you need.
Yes, you can as long as the pilot car is with the load and good network coverage.
Trucking companies will receive a notification email after they’ve paid the amount on the quotation which also contains the name and contact information of the pilot Company. This information is also available in the confirmed load page under ‘Load’.

Yes, you can but you’ll need to post the load and/or find the car on the ‘Find pilot car’ page again. You need to do the same process again and again for more pilot cars.

Yes, you can always do that.
No, this option is not available. We need have to have an account as we require all your details before you can take the load.
Once the load has been confirmed by the pilot company it can’t be canceled. If you have a reason and need to cancel the load then call us on 866-795-0150.
During your company sign up we’ll ask you about all the services and rates you offer. To update these at any time, you need to go to your Company Profile, then Services & Rates.
We don’t allow you to negotiate rates in the middle of the run. We strongly recommend that you are as upfront as possible about your rates.
Yes you can accept any posted rates.
You can add a truck driver in the same way as you add a pilot driver but when you select a vehicle it has a marked truck. Just select that and add the driver as a truck driver. Then go to the ‘Confirmed Load’ page and add a truck driver for that particular load. It will save that truck driver for all future occasions for the pilot company broker.
Yes, we charge a small commission to pilot companies but only if and when they generate any revenue via the 365pilots platform from providing their services to customers.
All payments will be made directly to the bank account of the pilot company.
You can change your bank account details via stripe.com
No, there is no charge to Pilot and Trucking companies.