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High Pole Pilot Car Services in Texas

Texas is renowned for its vast area, which spreads out to an estimated 268,596 square miles of radius. With such an enormous area to cover, finding a dependable service provider can prove to be challenging, especially for flag pole services. However, you need not worry anymore! We have an excellent solution to all your flag pole service issues. We provide top-notch quality affordable, reliable lead/chase car service, flag car service, and high pole service to meet all your needs in Texas. Our team is highly experienced, dedicated, and committed to providing exceptional services to all our clients. Therefore, if you require immediate, efficient, and one of the best pilot car companies in Texas, look no further, click on the "book now" icon, and secure your spot right away. We are here to make your transportation needs hassle-free and enjoyable!

Lead /Chase Car Service in Texas

365 Pilots is a top-notch service provider when it comes to certified pilot cars in Texas. As an expert, we understand the importance of having certified Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operators, especially in Texas where it is mandatory to be certified to operate in the state. This certification is important because it ensures that only qualified professionals are handling escorting jobs. Our team of professional operators are certified to provide services in Texas and also have relevant certifications that allow them to legally operate in multiple states. These certifications make their job easier because they cut down the need for multiple certifications per job, which saves time and resources. Being one of the best pilot car companies in Texas, we ensure our clients can travel seamlessly without worrying about legal ramifications or the safety of their trips.

When do I need a Certified Pilot Car Service in Texas?

You will need pilot car if: Width of 14' up to and including 16'-1 Width over 16'- 2 (front & rear) Width over 20’ must have route survey Length over 110' up to 125'-1 Length over 125' long- 2 (front & rear) Rear overhang over 20' up to 30'-1 rear Overhang over 30'- 2 (front + rear + special approval) Height over 17' contact utility companies-1 w/ height pole Height over 18'- 2 (front & rear+ height pole) Height over 19’ must have route survey Manufactured homes: Width over 16' up to 18' (on 2-lane highways-1 front; on multi-lane-1 rear) Width over 18' on all highways-2 (front & rear)

Requirements for Escort/Flag Car Services in Texas

Pilot Car Service in Texas Rates

365 Pilots Car Service Rates in Texas


High Pole Service in Texas

$1.95 - $2.25 Per Mile

Lead Service in Texas

$1.75 - $2.00 Per Mile

Chase Service in Texas

$1.75 - $2.00 Per Mile

Steer Service in Texas

$2.00 - $3.00 Per Mile

Route Survey in Texas

$999.95 Per Survey

Route Survey in Texas

When considering the transportation of a heavy load from point A to point B, there are various risks that need to be addressed. To ensure the safety of everyone involved, a crucial step is conducting a route survey. This process is done to determine the ideal path to take from point A to point B, taking into account various factors like road conditions, weight limits, overhanging obstacles, and any other potential hazards. By doing this, we can highlight any areas of concern and plan accordingly to address these issues before they become a problem. Engaging in a route survey before transporting a load is essential to keeping the general public and all parties involved safe. It is a proactive approach that can help prevent accidents and ensure that all aspects of this process are carried out efficiently and effectively.

Join our group of Pilot Car Companies in Texas

If you are a Certified Escort Driver in the State of Texas and you are looking to expand your business and cover more loads, we have an exciting opportunity for you! You can become part of the 365pilots certified drivers group, which is among the top-rated pilot car companies in Texas and provides excellent benefits for its members. By joining our group, you will receive load alerts directly to your cell phone, which will help you secure more work and increase your revenue. We understand that coordinating with clients and getting paid quickly can be challenging sometimes, so we are here to help! With our assistance, you will be able to get more work, improve coordination with clients, and get paid faster. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your business to the next level – join our group for pilot car loads in Texas today!

Texas Pilot Car Service FAQs

We suggest you book as early as possible as pilot car availability changes based on loads in the market. 

TxDMV issues a single-trip super heavy permit for the movement of non-divisible vehicles and/or loads that exceed 254,300 pounds total gross weight, the maximum permit weights on any axle or axle group or between 200,001 pounds and 254,300 pounds with less than 95 feet of axle spacing.

You can get permits for oversize load services in Texas by visiting https://coast2coasttruckingpermits.com/

Texas is one of thirteen states that require Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operators to be certified.

Over 8’6″ wide,
Over 14′ high.
Trailer over 59′ long
Rear overhang over 4’

Dept. of Transportation
125 E 11th Street
Austin, TX 78701
800-299-1700 (permits only)
512-465-3584 (general info)
Fax: 512-465-3500 (24 hrs. Mon.-Fri.; 6a.m.-2p.m. Sat.)