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High Pole Service in Arkansas

Arkansas spans over an area of approximately 53,179 square miles, navigating through which for high pole services can be challenging. Enter our High Pole Car Service, your premier transport solution for both individuals and businesses. 

Our fleet, outfitted with high poles, guarantees the secure and efficient movement of oversized loads across Arkansas. Our team of seasoned drivers specializes in transporting a variety of cargo, including but not limited to construction supplies and heavy machinery. 

We stand by our dedication to safety, dependability, and professionalism. Available around the clock and offering competitive rates, we are your ideal choice for all transport needs.

Discover the High Pole Car Service advantage and rest easy knowing your load is securely handled. For top-notch, wallet-friendly services, click on the “book now” button to secure Arkansas pilot car services today.

Lead/Chase Car Service in Arkansas

Arkansas upholds stringent transport regulations, especially concerning the necessity for Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operators to possess valid certifications for legally providing lead and chase car services. This underscores the importance of hiring only certified professionals for your transport needs.

365 Pilots stands out as a leading provider of certified lead and chase car services in Arkansas. With our certified crew, you’re assured that your transport requirements are managed safely and proficiently.

Our certification process emphasizes safety, reliability, and efficiency, ensuring our services comply with all legal standards. Trust us with your transport needs and experience with the best pilot car companies in Arkansas.

When Do I Need Certified Pilot Cars in Arkansas?

A pilot car is necessary under the following conditions: 

  • Length: A rear/chase pilot car is required for loads exceeding 90 feet. 
  • Width: Loads wider than 14 feet require one front and one rear escort. For roads with 4 lanes or fewer, the rear escort may be substituted with amber lights on the cab and the load’s rear. 
  • Height: Loads over 17 feet tall necessitate a high-pole escort. 

Note: Permit specifics, including validity and equipment requirements, will be clearly stated.

Route Survey Service in Arkansas

As one of the premier pilot car companies in Arkansas, 365 Pilots collaborates closely with specialized transport firms and regulatory bodies to chart the optimal route for oversized/overweight cargo. Conducting a route survey before transport helps identify potential obstacles, ensuring the safety of all parties involved and the public.

Arkansas Pilot Car Service Rates

365 Pilots Car Service Rates in Arkansas


High Pole Service in Arkansas

$1.95 - $2.25 Per Mile

Lead Service in Arkansas

$1.75 - $2.00 Per Mile

Chase Service in Arkansas

$1.75 - $2.00 Per Mile

Steer Service in Arkansas

$2.00 - $3.00 Per Mile

Route Survey in Arkansas

$999.95 Per Survey

Steer Service in Arkansas

365pilots is proud to introduce our Steer Car Service in Arkansas, offering dependable transport solutions. Our team of skilled drivers is committed to delivering fast, safe, and cost-effective service. Competitive pricing combined with uncompromised service quality makes our pilot car dispatch service the go-to option for navigating Arkansas effortlessly.

Join Our Arkansas Pilot Car Service Group

Attention Certified Escort Drivers in Arkansas! We at 365pilots are excited to present a unique opportunity that might interest you. Joining our team means gaining access to job alerts directly on your phone, enhancing your work volume and income. 

We understand the challenges of job coordination and payment processing; hence, we’re here to assist. By becoming a part of our group, you’ll benefit from our support in job acquisition, client communication, and swift payment. Don’t let this chance slip by! Join our group now and elevate your business with us.

Arkansas Pilot Car Service FAQs

To ensure availability, we recommend booking certified pilot cars in Arkansas as early as possible. The demand keeps on fluctuating based on the current market conditions.

In Arkansas, a super load is defined as any non-divisible vehicle or load that exceeds the state’s maximum allowable weights. For specific weight limits and requirements, it’s best to consult the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ArDOT) or the relevant permitting office.

Permits for oversize load services in Arkansas can be acquired through the Arkansas Department of Transportation’s official website or by contacting a specialized permit service provider.

Yes, Arkansas is among the states that mandate certification for Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operators to ensure they meet specific safety and operational standards.

For flag car services in Arkansas, contact our team at 365pilots. Specializing in escorting oversized loads, we provide comprehensive assistance in securing required permits, planning routes, and adhering to safety standards to ensure a smooth and compliant journey.

A permit is necessary when transporting loads that exceed:

  • 8’6” in width,
  • 14′ in height,
  • A trailer length over 59’,

A rear overhang exceeding 4’

Arkansas Department of Transportation

10324 Interstate 30

Little Rock, AR 72209

Phone: 501-569-2381 (permits)

General Info: 501-569-2000

Fax: 501-569-2678″