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High Pole Service in Indiana

Indiana, a state in the Midwest of the United States, boasts an estimated area of about 36,418 square miles of vast and diverse terrain. With this massive landscape, finding a reliable and affordable flag pole service car can be challenging. However, for those seeking a solution to this problem, we have the perfect solution. We offer a lead/chase car service, high pole service and flag car services in Indiana that can meet your needs. Our services are top-notch and our experienced drivers are unmatched in the industry. You can trust us to provide safe and efficient pilot car services that will take you wherever you need to go in Indiana and beyond. Click on the "book now" icon to book our certified pilot cars in Indiana and take the stress out of your travels. We look forward to serving you soon!

Lead /Chase Car Service in Indiana

We are among the leading pilot car companies in Indiana. We are proud to provide our valued clients with certified lead and chase car services within the state. Our highly trained and experienced team of skilled drivers are dedicated to ensuring that every journey is smooth, safe, and stress-free. We take great care to ensure that all of our vehicles are maintained to the highest standards, and that our drivers are equipped with the latest technology and safety equipment to ensure that you are always in good hands. Whether you need lead and chase car services for a special event, or simply for transportation purposes, you can rely on 365 Pilots to get you where you need to go with complete peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more about our services, and let us help you take your journey to the next level!

When do I need an Indiana Pilot Car Service?

Permitted vehicles must have escorts when they exceed: • 12’4” in width, 110’ in length or 14’6” in height • One escort vehicle must be in front when on undivided highway and in rear when on divided highways • If over 14’6” high, must have an escort with a height stick traveling in front of load • If between 14’4” and 17’ wide, one rear escort on a dual lane divided highway and two escorts (front and rear) on all other roads.

Escort Vehicle(s) Requirements in Indiana

Indiana Pilot Car Service Rates

365 Pilots Car Service Rates in Indiana


High Pole Service in Indiana

$1.95 - $2.25 Per Mile

Lead Service in Indiana

$1.75 - $2.00 Per Mile

Chase Service in Indiana

$1.75 - $2.00 Per Mile

Steer Service in Indiana

$2.00 - $3.00 Per Mile

Route Survey in Indiana

$999.95 Per Survey

Vehicle Operators in Indiana

Pilot Car Service Hours of Operation in Indiana

Up to 110’ long 10’ wide, 13’6” high, and under 200,000 lbs

Continuous travel 7 days a week

Over 110’ long, 10’-14’4” wide, up to 15’ high

7 days a week (1/2 hr before sunrise – 1/2 hr after sunset)

Between 14’4” and 16’ wide

Monday – Friday (1/2 hr before sunrise – 1/2 hr after sunset)

Over 16’ wide, or over 15’ high, or over 200,000 lbs gross vehicle weight

Monday – Friday 8:30am – 3:30pm (other provisions may apply)

Up to 110 long, 11’6 wide, 13’ 6” high and 120,000 lbs (for paving equipment only to travel between jobsite(s) and home base with red/amber
flashing light at widest point)

Monday-Friday (1 ½ hour before sunrise -1 ½ hour after sunset)

Permitted Mobile Homes and Sectionalized Buildings between 8’6” and
14’4” wide

Monday – Friday (1/2 hr before sunrise – 1/2 hr after sunset) Saturday (1/2
hr before sunrise – 12:00 noon)

Join our pilot group in Indiana

Hey there, awesome Certified Escort Drivers in Indiana! We have an exciting opportunity that we think you should know about. As a member of the 365Pilots drivers group, you can increase your load coverage and earn more, especially when it comes to pilot car loads in Indiana. How? Well, you will receive load alerts directly to your phone, get coordination assistance, and, best of all, get paid quickly. Sounds great, right? We think so too! So, why not give it a try?

Indiana Pilot Car Service FAQs

We suggest you book as early as possible as pilot car availability changes based on loads in the market. 

Dept. of Transportation Permits Office    Hours: 7:30 am-4:30 pm, M-F
Dept of Revenue- Permits
5252 Decatur Blvd, Ste. R
Indianapolis, IN 46241
(317)615-7320; fax: (317)821-2336

You can get permits for oversize load services in Indiana by visiting